MAA Board of Directors


E. Thomas Newbill, MD ‘79, President
Bonnie F. Offit, MD ‘87, President Elect
Elizabeth A. Carr, MD ‘88, Past President
Wendy S. Davis, MD ‘81, Secretary
Thomas W. Eppes, Jr., MD ‘78, Treasurer
Ashley M. Shilling, MD ‘01, Faculty Representative

Joel E. Bruce, MD ‘87
Bobby Chhabra, MD ‘95
Lynne W. Clemo, MD ‘85
Margaret R. Douglas, MD ‘83
Elizabeth H. Duckworth, MD ‘77
Meg G. Keeley, MD ‘92
Nora G. Kern, MD ‘08
Michael D. Moxley, MD ‘91
Gregory C. Townsend, MD ‘86
Kevan E. Van Landingham, MD ‘85
Matthew R. Weir, MD ‘78
Michael D. Williams, MD ‘93
Peter W. K. Wong, MD ‘92

Student Representatives
Nicole Kapral, SMD ’17
Moira Smith, SMD ‘19

Housestaff Board Representative
Taryn Hassinger, MD ‘14

Barry J. Collins, MAA/MSF Executive Director
David S. Wilkes, MD, Dean, UVA School of Medicine
Megan J. Bray, MD, Res ’99, President’s Appointee
James H. Bowles, Jr., MD ‘82, BOV Appointee
Frederick L. Greene, MD ‘70, MSF President