MSF Board of Trustees


Frederick L. Greene, MD ’70, President
Patrick J. McManus, MD ‘85, Vice President
Charles H. Henderson III, MD ’65, Past President
Mary F. Witt, MD ‘78, Secretary
J. Spencer Birdsong, Sr., Treasurer

Joseph Bonn, MD ‘79
Randolph J. Canterbury, MD
Elizabeth A. Carr, MD ’88
Sarah T. Corley, MD ‘86
Robert S. Franco, MD, FEL ‘87
Dearing W. Johns, MD ‘77
William P. Kanto, Jr., MD ‘66
Morris E. McCrary, MD ’81
Sean Miller
John S. Minasi, MD ‘85
Giles Tucker
Anne O. Wilhite, MD ‘85

Barry J. Collins, MAA/MSF Executive Director
David S. Wilkes, MD, Dean, UVA School of Medicine
Anastasia L. Williams, MD ‘98President’s Appointee
James H. Bowles, Jr., MD ‘82, BOV Appointee
Bonnie F. Offit, MD ’87, MAA President