Dorothy Tompkins, MD

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Posted on: August 20, 2018

Dorothy Tompkins, MD, opened the nonprofit Georgia’s Healing House in 2016. In July 2018, she was recognized by Charlottesville law firm Allen & Allen as one of its Hometown Heroes.

According to the firm’s website: “Dorothy Tompkins believes that if someone is willing to turn their life around, then they should be given the opportunity. She gave women in need of structured recovery from alcohol and drug addictions in Charlottesville that opportunity when she founded Georgia’s Healing House in 2015. With a small team of dedicated volunteers, Dorothy operates the home that provides structured recovery, social and emotional support, and counseling to its residents. Her dedication to the residents of Georgia’s Healing House is fueled by the positive changes she has seen in the women who have been impacted by the program. ‘All of the women here are good at their core. When someone makes the choice and works to break the cycle of addiction, it’s so worthwhile to witness that it can bring you to tears with gratitude.'”