Joseph A. Gascho, MD

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Posted on: September 16, 2019

I have a photo exhibit on October 3 at the opening of a new gallery on the north end of New York City’s museum mile. The gallery is Positive Image 109 at 14 East 109th Street. I will have three photos at the opening, but then will have a bigger exhibit of more of my work at the same gallery, starting in mid-January. The main portion of my exhibit is entitled “Operating Theater” and is composed of images I obtained in the OR, generally with a 200-500mm, usually at the 500 end, lens on a Nikon D850 (for you camera people). The images are close up images of faces, mainly eyes, taken with the sense that the operating room is really a theater (in the old English/British sense), where the acting is for real and the actors wear masks. The photos portray the emotions of care and intense concentration of the “actors.” I’ll have some additional material at the bigger January exhibit.

I’ve branched out since med school. I now teach a “selective” (required elective) to four or five fourth year students entitled “Word&Image/Image&Word” in which I teach them to write poems and make photographic images in four weeks. I’ve done a lot of photography connected with medicine. I have several permanent exhibits (patients, physicians, non-physician workers) at Hershey Med Center. A few photos can be seen on my website,