Jacquelyn P. Hogge, MD

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Posted on: April 7, 2023

Dr. Jacquelyn “Jacque” Pointer Hogge, died March 25, 2023. She was born and raised in Newport News and lived in Charlottsville, Va., Washington, D.C., Richmond, Va. and Williamsburg, Va. She was 61.

Jacque was an avid tennis player like her father, Jerry Hogge Jr., an avid runner, loved to play and watch golf and loved to snow ski on the many wonderful family trips to the slopes of Vermont and Colorado. Jacque was a brilliant and strong-minded individual throughout her life and brought passion and determination to everything she did.

Jacque graduated from Hampton Roads Academy, from UVA, Phi Beta Kappa with a bachelor’s degree in English and subsequently graduated from UVA Medical School. She specialized in radiology, with emphasis on breast imaging and devoted herself to delivering the very best care and saving the lives of her patients through early detection and treatment of breast cancer.

Jacque was co-founder and co-owner of Cooper Vineyards, located in Louisa, Va., a business she created literally from the earth up. She devoted a considerable portion of her life, energy and passion to cultivating high quality grapes and the production of great tasting wines and related products. She was the marketing visionary behind the growth of the business and the driving force behind the development and construction of the first Platinum LEED certified winery and tasting facility in Virginia.

Jacque lived her life with passion and caring for everything she did and at the top of this list were her nephew, Alex Hogge and her niece, Katie Hogge; she loved them with all she was. Jacque also devoted much of her adult life to caring for and being a loving companion to her mother.

Jacque contributed to the communities where she lived, donated generously to the causes she held near and dear, especially the humane treatment of animals. Jacque cared deeply for the many dogs she owned during her life, Lilliputian, Lucy (a dog she rescued and nursed back to health), Jack, Rosie, Ruben, Maurice, Clarise, Pumpkin and Peaches.

Jacque had a passion and appreciation for art in all its forms. She contributed generously to local artistic endeavors and commissioned many paintings that reflected her life and her passions with local artists in Richmond and the surrounding areas.

At this sad moment of her passing due to complications of RA and a stroke, Jacque would want all of us who were fortunate enough to know her to remember her for her passion, her drive, her creativity, for the profound contributions she made to the practice of medicine and her patients, to the many life endeavors she passionately pursued, for her love of her family, for her love of the arts and for the love and caring she showed her beloved dogs.

Jacque Hogge was a brilliant and determined person who made so many positive contributions to our lives and to the world in which we live. She is survived by her mother, Martha Anne Hogge; her brother, Jerry Hogge, his wife, Andrea and their two children, Alex and Katie; and uncles, aunts and cousins on both sides of her family.