Jean McNutt Martin Glasgow Scholarship




Medical or nursing students

Established with a bequest from Dr. Jean Glasgow, Class of 1936 (deceased in 2010) with additional support from her sons, Dr. Allen Martin Glasgow, Class of 1967, and Dr. Lowrie Glasgow, Class of 1973.

Dr. Jean Glasgow was very attuned to the financial needs of medical and nursing students. Jean had to borrow money for her first tuition payment to medical school. A local banker loaned her the money on her signature even though the banks were technically closed to lending because of the Great Depression. After that, she received scholarships from the Southern Women’s Educational Alliance. Her sister Margaret loaned her the money to buy books and incidentals. Because of the scholarships and her sister’s largesse, Jean was able to attend medical school. As part of her legacy, Jean established scholarships for needy medical or nursing students at the University of Virginia.