Alex Michaels, MD

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Posted on: February 28, 2020

Alex Michaels, MD, chief resident in general surgery at UVA, recently received the Outstanding Resident Teacher Award from the Association of Surgical Education (ASE). The ASE’s mission is to lead innovation, scholarship, and professional development in surgical education and the award award recognizes surgical residents who demonstrate a commitment to the education of medical students and their resident colleagues.

“A big part of the reason I stayed at UVA for residency was because of how impressive the surgeons were both in the operating room as well as with teaching at conferences and on rounds,” says Michaels. “I’m lucky to have been able to learn how to be a surgeon and how to be a teacher from my mentors at UVA. Being recognized for this award is a huge honor, of which I couldn’t be more proud.”

Michaels is a graduate of Johns Hopkins University, received his MD from the University of Virginia, and joined the general surgery program at UVA in 2013. He has received many teaching honors, including the Mulholland Society Teaching Award and was recently elected by UVA medical students as a member of the Alpha Omega Alpha honor society.

In addition to his teaching honors, Michaels has won numerous research awards, including the Bigger Lehman Award from the Virginia Surgical Society and the John Halverson Young Investigator Award. He has also served as co-president of the Housestaff Council and served as a member of the Clinical Staff Executive Committee.

Charles Friel, MD, Professor of Surgery and General Surgery Program director, commends Michaels on this accomplishment. “I have known Dr. Michaels for over 10 years,” says Friel. “He continues to lead and teach from his very soul. His enthusiasm for surgery is boundless and his willingness to share unparalleled. This national recognition is a tribute to Dr. Michaels, but also reminds me of how lucky we are to attract such high-quality people to our residency. It keeps me humble every day.”

Michaels will complete residency in June and will continue his training at Wake Forest University with a fellowship in minimally invasive surgery.