Pranay Sinha, MD

Class Year




Posted on: March 2, 2020

Pranay Sinha, MD, was recently awarded the Edward Kass Award for Clinical Excellence by the Massachusetts Infectious Diseases Society (MIDS). He is also the recipient of the Maxwell Finland Award for Excellence in Research from the MIDS.

Sinha is currently a research Infectious Diseases fellow at Boston University studying the impact of undernutrition on the global TB epidemic in India, his home country. “I feel so grateful to my mentors at UVA like Scott Heysell, Richard Guerrant, Brian Wispelwey, Rebecca Dillingham, and Richard Pearson who set difficult-to-approximate examples as wonderful clinicians and committed researchers,” he says.

Sinha is also active as author. “After graduating in 2014, I went to Yale for my residency where I became interested in written advocacy. My pieces appear in the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, and the Huffington Post,” he shares. “Mentors at UVA like Dr. Marcia Childress continued to guide me from afar as I honed my craft. Last year, I compiled some of my writings from residency into a book titled, In the Space Between Moments: Finding Joy and Meaning in Medicine.”

Although no longer at UVA, Sinha says it is never far from his mind. “Not a day goes by without me thinking back to my wonderful education in Charlottesville and the friends, nay family, I found in that magical town,” he says.