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Support the Educational Mission of UVA Dermatology

Support the Educational Mission of UVA Dermatology

Own a unique piece of history from the slide collection of Kenneth Greer, MD

Learning dermatology requires the review of representative clinical images. Kenneth Greer, MD, understands the critical importance of high quality photographic images in teaching dermatology. For decades he made a herculean effort to take high quality photographs of skin disease, and he used these images to teach all over the world.

His slide collection is outstanding but the 35mm slide is becoming obsolete. The technology required to display them is becoming difficult to find and is no longer used at national meetings. The slides themselves are slowly degrading in quality and are susceptible to fire, flood, contamination, and loss. The time has come to convert them to digital images to preserve these valuable teaching tools for future generations,
or risk losing them forever.

The University of Virginia Department of Dermatology is undertaking a massive digitalization of 35mm teaching slides and storing them in a newly-developed, customized database created exclusively for UVA Dermatology. This multi-functional image database will be used in the department not only for storing historical images, but it will also be a repository for future photographs taken for teaching purposes.

In the process of scanning these images, duplicate slides of multiple diagnoses have been found. For a very limited time and in limited numbers, the Department of Dermatology is offering these duplicates in a unique tribute to the importance of these slides in dermatologic teaching and to Dr. Greer’s contribution to medical education. This framed memento contains an original slide with Dr. Greer’s handwritten diagnosis which is displayed between a copy of his retirement portrait and a photo that represents the image on the slide. This tribute features a high quality wood frame with reduced-glare, UV-protected glass, that is custom-manufactured by framers Buchanan and Kiguel in Charlottesville, Virginia.

This is an opportunity to own a unique piece of history while contributing to the educational mission of the department and funding endeavors like the slide scanning project.

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Thank you for supporting the UVA Department of Dermatology. For more information, please contact: Brenda Harris via email or at 434-982-6769.