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About the Host Program

The Host Program is taking on a new form for the 2020-2021 interview season. This year, the UVA Medical Alumni Association is moving towards making virtual connections between students and alumni.  This will be done by phone calls, email, text messages or Zoom in order to keep everyone safe.

You may not need a place to stay during residency interviews this year, but you’ll definitely want to make connections in the cities you may call home next summer. The UVA Medical Alumni Association has recruited over 200 alumni to answer your questions about residency, life in their community and more. In addition to making connections based on location, we’re also offering the opportunity to connect with alumni by training program. This will allow you to get a feeling for the people and culture of the program from a trusted source.

If you would like more information or have questions, please see our FAQ page or reach out to Jill McKinley.

“My host and his family were more than welcoming. I also really appreciated that he took time to discuss the residency program with me and his experience with it.”

SMD’20 student

1. Register Online

Students: Fill out the Host Request Form for each location where you are interviewing. Alumni: Complete the Volunteer Form to be added to our list of available hosts.

2. Making a Match

When a request is received from a student, the UVA Medical Alumni Association will contact potential alumni matches in the requested city to check on availability.

3. Confirm and Connect

Once a match is found, the UVA Medical Alumni Association will provide the student and alumnus/a with the necessary details to connect.

Looking for a Match?

Ask students who have used the Host Program in the past and they will tell you that connecting with alumni is a great way to find answers to your questions about the city and/or residency programs you are considering.

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Ready to Volunteer?

Alumni volunteers enjoy connecting with current UVA medical students who offer their unique perspectives and updates on the School of Medicine.

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