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Doctor Hoo

Did you know that the University of Virginia School of Medicine is home to more than 13,000 MD alumni and former housestaff? They’re doing amazing work and we look forward to sharing their stories in our Doctor Hoo feature.

Lilian Peake, MD ’99, MPH
October 2020

ChrisAnna Mink, MD ’83
October 2019

Dwight Holland, MD ’08, PhD
April 2019

Laura Carr, MD ’11
October 2018

Barbara Lee Bass, MD ’79, FACS
April 2018

A. Bobby Chhabra, MD ’95, Res ’01
October 2017

Lisa Boyette, MD ’07, PhD ’13
April 2017

Melissa Wu, MD ’92
October 2016

Naresh Gunaratnam, MD ’91
April 2016

Ralph G. Dacey, Jr., MD ’74
October 2015

Susan Pollart, MD ’82
April 2015

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