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2024 John Horsley Memorial Prize Competition

The John Horsley Memorial Prize was established in February 1925, by the late Dr. J. Shelton Horsley of Richmond, Virginia, a distinguished alumnus of the University of Virginia, in memory of his father, Mr. John Horsley of Nelson County, Virginia.

The original intent of the donor was to stimulate the spirit of biological investigation among younger graduates in medicine, particularly in reference to the problems of surgery. In view of the rapprochement of surgery and internal medicine in the half-century since the award was established, the committee designated by the donor (with the approval of the son of the donor) considered it desirable, for the award of 1954 and thereafter, to enlarge the scope of the competition to include any original investigation in the fundamental medical sciences related to clinical medicine or surgery. It was felt by the committee that under modern conditions this better fulfilled the purposes of the donor than did the original conditions.

The award is made on the basis of a thesis submitted in competition. The investigation reported in the thesis may be carried out in the laboratory, in the clinic, or in private practice.

The prize is awarded biennially. Competition is limited to graduates of the School of Medicine of the University of Virginia and to current members of the housestaff of the University of Virginia Health System. In these groups only those are eligible who have received the doctorate in medicine not more than ten years previous to the date of closure of competition.

The prize consists of a cash prize of $5,000 and a framed certificate of award. Formal announcement and presentation of the prize will be made during Department of Surgery annual Awards Day event, to be held on Wednesday June 12, 2024 in Sandridge Auditorium (UVA McKim Hall).

No award will be made if in the judgment of the committee deems that no thesis is worthy of the prize. Previous prize-winners are not eligible for competition. At the discretion of the committee, the award may be given on the basis of work done in collaboration with an individual not eligible for competition, but in such a case the award will be made solely to the eligible contestant. If the contestant is not the senior author, a statement is requested from the latter indicating the contestant’s share in the work presented.

Material eligible for competition is divided into three categories:

(1) work submitted de novo to the committee in typewritten form;

(2) reprints of work published between January 1, 2022 and January 1, 2024;

(3) a typewritten manuscript of work accepted for publication prior to January 2024.

If previous work has been published related to the material submitted, it is important that reprints of such work be included with the paper in competition. Such additional material will not be considered as part of the Prize Thesis but will be given weight in the assessment of the value of the work presented. Do not submit reprints or typewritten manuscript of work dealing with another subject. Please designate the paper you wish primarily considered for the award. All questions of eligibility of material and of comparative values lie in the judgment of the committee.

This competition will close on April 15, 2024, and all entries must be in the hands of the Chairman of the Committee on or before that date. Entries may be submitted by US Postal mail, FedEX/UPS, or email address below.

Craig L. Slingluff, Jr., MD, Committee Chair
2024 John Horsley Memorial Prize Committee

Address all manuscripts and inquiries to:

Vicki A. Testerman
UVA Health
Department of Surgery, Box 800709
West Complex Building, 4th Floor, Room 4537
Charlottesville, Virginia, 22908-0709

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