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Match Day 2023

On March 17, fourth-year medical students at UVA learned where they will continue their training as residents after graduating this May. Known as Match Day, the milestone event is held at the same time at medical schools nationwide.

UVA’s celebration at Old Cabell Hall included students, family, friends, and School of Medicine faculty and staff. For just about an hour, students came forward as their names were called at random to receive their Match results in a sealed envelope. At noon, they opened the envelopes, revealing their Match results and the location of their residencies. Students in the Class of 2023 matched into 25 specialty programs across 30 states. Twenty-three students matched to residency programs at UVA.

School of Medicine Dean Melina R. Kibbe, MD, congratulated students on the culmination of their years of hard work, sacrifice, and dedication to the field of medicine. Kibbe said, “Today you have reached the pinnacle of your undergraduate medical education. I know from experience, it is one of the most exciting and anticipated days of your career in medicine.” She encouraged students to remember medicine is not just science, but an art that requires them to care for patients with a compassionate, open mind and a dedication to excellence.

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