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Mulholland Society Celebrates 50 Years

Current medical student leaders and past presidents gathered to celebrate 50 years of the Mulholland Society at the University of Virginia School of Medicine on March 3, 2018.

Named in honor of the late faculty leader Dr. Henry Bearden Mulholland, the Mulholland Society serves as the School of Medicine’s student voice. The organization’s goals are to promote the interests and concerns of all medical students to faculty and staff as well as to provide an outlet for the academic, social, athletic, and personal interests of students.

The event, which was organized by student leaders of the Mulholland Society, included a dinner at the Learning Studio of the Claude Moore Medical Education Building. Attendees heard three presentations covering the history of Dr. Mulholland, the history and founding of the Mulholland Society, and where the Society is doing today.

Earlier in the day, the UVA Medical Alumni Association sponsored a MedConnect mentoring session where Rick Greene, MD ’70, a past president and co-founder of the Mulholland Society, met with 10 students and talked about leadership in medicine.

“It is obvious that over the last 50 years, the Mulholland Society has provided a mechanism to promote cohesiveness of the UVA Medical School student body and the assurance that our students have a voice in all of the wonderful positive activities occurring throughout the University community. I am so proud of what they have accomplished,” said Greene.

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