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Student Alumni Mentorship (SAM) Program


  • This is a yearlong commitment. The term will begin in February and end in December. The amount that you communicate is up to you. We will be sending you prompts throughout the year to encourage communication around milestones in the academic calendar.
  • Mentors are expected to be engaged in assisting the mentee throughout the year and make a good faith effort to keep appointments as scheduled. These meetings can take many forms, including phone calls, virtual chats, and in person meetings.
  • Set clear expectations with your mentee for how and when you will contact each other.
  • Maintain and model professional behavior.
  • Offer feedback and/or define professional behavior where appropriate.
  • Help your mentees define their own goals and support them as they work toward those goals.
  • Share your experiences and career journey with your mentees.
  • Be a resource to your mentees as they develop their career interests and face new challenges.

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