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Student Alumni Mentorship (SAM) Program

How It Works

  1. Fill out the registration page. Registration will be open for the month of January. You will receive an electronic confirmation upon submission of your registration.
  2. Matching will occur at the beginning of February. Once matched, you will be asked to fill out the mentorship program agreement. We suggest an initial conversation (phone, Skype/Zoom, etc.) between mentors and mentees. During this initial conversation, there is a worksheet for the pair to complete together that will help set expectations and establish goals.
  3. The UVA Medical Alumni Association will send prompts and reminders to check-in that will coincide with different milestones throughout the year (e.g. Transition Week, Step 2 preparations and Match Day)

Students and alumni will keep their match for one calendar year, February-December. At the conclusion of the period, each party will receive a survey to evaluate the program. There will be a mid-point survey that will be sent to both alumni and students in July to check in with progress.

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