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Award Nomination Q&A

Following are answers to some of the common questions we have received about the award nominations process:

Q: Can I just submit the nominee’s CV instead of completing the nomination form?

A: No. Because the Awards Committee consists of reviewers with varying areas of expertise, a CV is not an effective way of communicating the most impactful accomplishments of a nominee. You may use information from the nominee’s CV to complete the nomination, but we require answers to the form’s questions based on the nominee’s qualifications and focusing on significant accomplishments – for example, reviewing the criteria and referencing that in your nomination. Responses to the form’s questions will be the primary source of review. A CV should only be submitted to support the complete nomination and will be reviewed at the discretion of the committee.

Q. Can I provide web links in the nomination?

A. Due to the volume of nominations we receive, we encourage all relevant information to be submitted in its entirety in the nomination form. Web links can be included but are reviewed at the discretion of the committee.

Q: Are self-nominations allowed?

A: Yes. The committee will not be provided with the name(s) of the person submitting the nomination. We do, however, suggest that nominations be written in the third-person if a self-nomination is submitted.

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